west off meets Freischwimmen

Junge Theatermacher*innen im FFT

08.12. – 10.12.2022

Over three days in December, young artists and groups will take over the FFT’s stages. They hail from the disciplines of theatre, sound art, and physical theatre, and they present their perspectives on the present – funny at times, sometimes reflective, then again full of ambivalence.

Sound performance Schrödingers Cats combines musical theatre with quantum physics and YouTube. It is based on the lowest frequencies of a cat’s purr. Choreographer and painter Mira Rosa Plikat stages an encounter between three people in the city in Nachttarif. Their meetings are so absurd, one cannot help but wonder: Does it only happen in the heads of those present?

“Am Sonntag essen wir friedensmäßigen Streuselkuchen” translates into: “On Sunday, we will be eating peaceful crumble cake”. What sounds fairly innocuous is an in-depth look at biographical material. The live audio play bridges the crisis-ridden times following World War II up to the present day.

Once upon a time there was a future is a turbulent time-travel piece in which the äöü group lets us look at past utopias from a future perspective.

The apokalyptischen tänzer*innen (apocalyptic dancers) invite their audience to witness an experiment: The most consumable show on earth only shows what its audience wants to see – thereby asking important questions about communion in theatre. Those works will be shown at the west off platform of the production houses in Bonn, Düsseldorf, and Cologne. This year, west off joins forces with the international Freischwimmen network, and it shows the upcoming generation of theatre makers.


äöü + Jung Sun Kim

once upon a time there was a future

Sa. 10.12.

shocking true

Am Sonntag essen wir friedensmäßigen Streuselkuchen

Sa. 10.12.

die apokalyptischen tänzer*innen 

The most consumable show on earth

Theater + Performance
Fr. 09.12. , Sa. 10.12.

Sailor Tune

schrödingers cats

Do. 08.12. , Fr. 09.12.

Mira Rosa Plikat & Collaborators


dance + Physical Theatre 
Do. 08.12.


Im Auftrag von west off – Theaternetzwerk Rheinland. Koproduktion: studiobühneköln. west off 2022 wird gefördert durch die Kulturämter der Städte Bonn, Düsseldorf und Köln sowie das Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen.