Montserrat Gardó Castillo, René Alejandro Huari Mateus, Zuzana Žabková



Performative Zeremonie Social/Urban Movements Theatre & Performance

La Séance views itself as an invitation, as a promise of something that is yet to happen. How and when is this promise achieved? What roles do our expectations, desires, and predictions play in this? We look towards the future, develop strategies and hope for the best. But our future is already playing out, the strategies fail, and there is not much hope left. What future is it, then, that we are looking at?

La Séance is the vision of a gathering that is built on esoteric practice such as Tarot, hypnosis, or prophetic dance that are widely perceived as sacred, clandestine, and marginal. It does not only deal with a glance into one’s own future, it is also about a methodology of gathering that could serve to ascertain what binds us together. We are especially interested in the invitation of the absent and the absentees – events, persons, wishes – by way of paranormal answers and traditions that challenge our relation to linearity, space, representation, and coincidence.

Politics of Invitation is designed and curated by Annick Choco, Montserrat Gardó Castillo, Monika Gintersdorfer with various guests.

partners in crime


POLITICS OF INVITATION wird gefördert durch die Kunststiftung NRW.