Annick Choco

Dancer, musician

Annick Prisca Agbadou aka Annick Choco lives and works in Côte d’Ivoir, France and Germany. She has been working with the group Gintersdorfer/Klaßen since 2015 and since its foundation in 2016 she has been a key member of the international group La Fleur, whose work she strongly influences artistically. With her stage presence, her dancing and her analytical skills, Annick Choco has convinced both audiences and dance and theater critics in recent years. In addition to the productions created in collaboration with and under the direction of Monika Gintersdorfer, she gives workshops for young dance enthusiasts, such as at the Westwind Festival 2019 in Oberhausen or at the Tanzfaktur in Cologne.

In the pieces „Pièce d’actualité n°11: Trop d’inspiration dans le 93“ and „Un truc d’ouf“ she demonstrated transcultural dance phenomena and music styles such as Afrotrap, which are shaped by a young generation growing up between continents and finding an artistic language for their double or triple identities. Through her impressive dance skills and her convincing mediation work, Annick Choco is a role model for young dancers who want to expand their skills in a transcultural exchange and develop on their own. After years of dancing for Ivorian star Serge Beynaud, Annick Choco embarked on a solo career. Today, she has become one of the first successful dancers and singers in the male-dominated showbiz and urban dance, who wants to pass on her experience to an upcoming generation of young artists.