as part of Re_Generation

19.04. – 01.07.2023

Re_Generation is a festival for pleasure, solidarity & healing. International artists, activists, and scientists will gather at the FFT for twelve days to introduce and try out practices that answer to a world that is exhausted in so many ways.

Siegmar Zacharias

Practicing Futures While Grieving

Listening Session Music & Sound Social/Urban Movements

Which opportunities for a different kind of community are made possible in a time that accumulates grief and loss, anger and fear? Philosopher, artist, and activist Siegmar Zacharias invites us into a space of regeneration. Between scents, sounds, and objects that encourage touch, we will experience how we all vibrate together. Planets, water, plants, inanimate objects, humanimals – everything swings and oscillates with everything else. For all things, their atoms, and particles, consist of vibrating energy. We vibrate in different speeds when we are in different states: in grief differently than in joy, in fear differently than in ecstasy.

This performance is an invitation to experience the transformative power of collective grief, of collective regeneration, and of collective listening. Together with scent alchemist Liza Witte, textile artist Lea Kieffer and musician and composer Steve Heather, Siegmar Zacharias invites us into an immersive landscape of relational objects, crystallised cultural rubble, and the scents of future memories. Let us listen with all of bodies. Let us vibrate communally.

partners in crime


Concept, Performance, Voice, Relational Objects: Siegmar Zacharias. Textile Sculptures: Lea Kieffer. Scents: Liza Witte. Sound Design: Steve Heather.

Lea Kieffer is a dance artist, and costume designer/ tailor. Her work explores processes of transformation and the dialogue between imagination and physicality through dance, bodywork and craftsmanship in hybrid and transdisciplinary formats.

Liza Witte is an independent artist and perfumer working on the intersection of art, design, and fragrance. Being a product designer and ex-dancer by profession, she creates work for art projects, exhibitions, theater, brands, and teaches workshops. As a perfumer, she launched her authentic fragrance label in 2011, under her own name, where she creates handmade fragrances, fragrant products, and objects, with an alchemistic approach. Her work is layered and archaic, strongly influenced by material, tactility, and sensuality. She uses traditional techniques and various (natural) materials to create a personal story.

Steve Heather (AU-DE) is a freelance musician / composer, performance and installation maker based in Berlin. Steve is interested in the repetitive acoustic territories of everyday life informing his and others’ sonic agency. His research revolves around the physicality of sonic boundaries and how they inform compositional methodologies, materials and structures along with the listeners corporal reading thereof. His music is a collision of captivating simplicity and fleeting subtle complexity. Hypnotic and compelling.
Steve current music projects/bands vary from avant-garde, free jazz to noise, drone rock to progressive fitness disco and includes: Stiff Leather, The Still, Booklet, Y and The Splitter Orchestra. Steve´s music is riddled with noise and rapture, sudden links, resonances, offered assistance, and conflicts of interest.


Re_Generation receives support from Kunststiftung NRW and from the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media, as part of the Alliance of International Production Houses. In cooperation with Cheers for Fears. With funds from Heizhaus PSR.