Siegmar Zacharias

artist, activist, researcher and death doula

Siegmar Zacharias is a transdisciplinary artist, activist, researcher, and death doula. She is learning ancient plant medicine. She develops queer-feminist collective practices of transformation as training for unknown futures in art, radical pedagogy, and social justice.
Siegmar collaborated with uncontrollable materials such as smoke, mucus, and the human nervous system. She explores sound as a material force of vibration that connects people and more-than-human existence. During the pandemic, the series of online listening sessions ‚WAVES – listening towards social bodies‘ emerged as a collective mourning and enabling touch. Under the title ‚Training for political imaginaries‘, she organizes learning and exchange platforms with intersectional artists, activists, and thought leaders.

Other works include: ‚Drooling Lecture Series, Slime Dynamics, The Cloud: a cosmo-choreography made by animals, vegetables, minerals, humans, concepts and emotions, Invasive Hospitality‘. In 2018, she received a TECHNE scholarship for excellency and innovative research to pursue her artistic PhD project ‚Practicing futures while grieving‘. She teaches at several universities nationally and internationally. Siegmar Zacharias was born in Romania and lives in Berlin.


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