Siegmar Zacharias, Samuel Hertz

Session #5: Ground Swell

WAVES - listening sessions towards social bodies

Zoom-Session Digital Culture Music & Sound

Ground Swell works with the low and slow vibrations of geophonics to imagine a lengthening of the temporalities of hearing and feeling. How is it that the timings of our listening worlds can be stretched, broadened, and expanded to create new spaces and timings of attention and perception? Using sensitive field recording equipment, expansive scales and timings of sound are revealed that aim to (re)orient a temporal somatics through sound.

WAVES is an offer to practice together, to give our bodies as resonant spaces for each other, to be together in the wild spaces of grief, of joy, of healing.

From May to December 2021, Siegmar Zacharias and her team, together with FFT Düsseldorf and Sophiensælen Berlin, are offering a series of listening sessions to experience this feeling of being shaken and connected by waves in a sensory and affective manner. The listening sessions are sound meditations to linger together in a space, where we don’t have to be alone. Building on a feminist practice of nourishing and regenerating, a transformative tremor is to be supported, while at the same time the complicated grief that is present at this time is recognized. A key question is: How can we be together differently?

partners in crime


WAVES – listening sessions towards social bodies is a collaboration between Neha Chriss, Samuel Hertz, Steve Heather and Siegmar Zacharias. The series is jointly presented and organized by FFT Düsseldorf and sophiensaele Berlin.

Composition: Samuel Hertz. Hosting: Siegmar Zacharias


Concept, hosting: Siegmar Zacharias. Co-Production: FFT Düsseldorf & sophiensaele, Berlin. Supported by NPN-STEPPING OUT JOINT ADVENTURES // NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ and the Gwaertler Foundation.