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ANIMAterialities 2

the future of grief - day 2

Siegmar Zacharias, Neha Chriss, Eroca Nichols, Mithu Sanyal

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The impact of climate change and the consequences of the ongoing pandemic are frightening. The foundations of our community have rarely felt so existentially threatened. What is to be done?

Political action requires new forms of attention and care. Performance artist and philosopher Siegmar Zacharias, along with Neha Chriss, Eroca Nichols, and Mithu Sanyal, invite us to participate in a „training for political imagination“ and not to suppress stressful feelings like grief. How can one experience the power of collective imagination enabled by shared individual, collective, human and planetary grief? Over the two evenings, words and sounds, ritual, somatic and therapeutic practices will be combined into a training of attention and care. The audience is invited to participate and experience how individual grief can become the possibility for a different togetherness.

Siegmar Zacharias has developed experimental arrangements for „Posthumus Poet (h) ics.“ Her performances, using materials such as smoke, plants or slime, convey what it might mean to exchange with materials that unfold their own presence and dynamics.

At the invitation of the FFT, Siegmar Zacharias developed Training for Political Imagination: Posthuman Solidarity as a 30-hour performative event on the occasion of the FFT’s 20th anniversary in September 2019. Also present in 2019 were software developer and activist Neha Chriss (Australia) ), choreographer Eroca Nicols (Canada), and Düsseldorf-based cultural scholar Mithu Sanyal. Percussionist and composer Steve Heather (AUS / D) is one of Zacharias‘ long-time artistic partners.

Program Day 1

1. warm up, welcome and introduction with Neha Chriss, Eroca Nicols, Mithu Sanyal and Siegmar Zacharias 

2nd workshop with Neha Chriss 
Exploring temporal embodiment through the vagus nerve. A sonic writing workshop for enhancing polyvagal informed solidarity.

3. Somacoustic listening session by Siegmar Zacharias and Steve Heather. 
This psychosensory concert explores intimacy and alienation as two dynamic forces of grief work and the possibility of other togetherness. Touch through sound waves and the presence of the absent.

4th ASMR Videos by Eroca Nicols 
Femme armor as a healing weapon. Earth, Fire, Water, Air