Tragic Magic Today

or: What do snails do when they get frightened?

Performance Young FFT Theatre & Performance

This performance is all about change. After all, everything around us feels like it is constantly new and different. Especially when you’re six years old. Or maybe it’s actually always like that? What if I want everything to stay the same, exactly as it is now? Tragic Magic Today oder: Was machen Schnecken, wenn sie sich erschrecken? is the new, dryly absurd performance by duo PINSKER+BERNHARDT. Two performers who would much prefer to be stones perform songs about permanence. However, this does not change the fact that the new is just outside the door.

In 2023, PINSKER+BERNHARDT were awarded the Faust Theatre Award in the category „Performers in Theatre for Young Audiences“. Musical, humorous and approachable, they dedicate their new performance to all those who love change or loathe it, (including) those who are much older than six years and those who only realize afterwards that the change has been there for a long time.

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