as part of Re_Generation

19.04. – 01.07.2023

Re_Generation is a festival for pleasure, solidarity & healing. International artists, activists, and scientists will gather at the FFT for twelve days to introduce and try out practices that answer to a world that is exhausted in so many ways.

Eroca Nicols


Performance Social/Urban Movements Theatre & Performance

A watery oasis peopled by femme themmes and trans/nb babes doing exactly what brings them joy. Dancing, snuggling, floating, dreaming. Moving at the speed of earth. Resting at the speed of rocks. Shamelessly letting themselves be. Doing exactly what moves them or stills them. Looking fabulous, feeling fine. We are in drag as nature, and therefore as ourselves. Some performers are solo, activating interior worlds. Others invite play and engagement. Theys of Theytriarchy do only what they emphatically say yes to.

You are invited to be a guest in an unhosted space where you commit to supporting the needs, desires, and peace of Theytriarchy performers. You will be your own good time in a space where care for this temporary world is centred and its wisdom abided by.

The possibility of this emphatic yes builds a new world out of the fake yesses of the so-called present. Another world is available to all – in this world, trans and gender non-conforming folk are the sun in the solar system. Welcome to Theytriarchy.

What is this place? What is this time? Can this world be real? Are we outside cis white supremacist colonial time or are we in a parallel other time? Another understanding?
Theytriarchy is a trans-majority, consent-driven miniverse. Swimwear, towel, and the willingness to be outnumbered and respectfully decentred required.

➪ Frequently asked questions

I am not trans. Can I come to Theytriarchy?
Yes! This show is for everyone. Cis people (people who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth) are as welcome as trans and nonbinary people.

I am trans and/or nonbinary. Can I come to Theytriarchy?
Fuck yes!

Where is the venue and how do I get there?
This show venue is a spa. Nice huh? The address is: Am Bonneshof 30 a, 40474 Düsseldorf. The nearest public transport stops are Theodor-Heuss-Brücke (U 78, U 79) or D-Nordfriedhof (Busses 722, 834)

Is the performance accessible?
There is an elevator that descends from street level into the main space. Inside the pool area, there are six steps from the pool deck into the water with a hand rail. Those are the only steps in the venue.

What is the dress code? Can I wear my street clothes and shoes?
You have to bring swimwear to change into for the show. Please bring a bath towel and slippers too! You can also bring a cover up (teeshirt, robe, etc.) if you like. There are all-gender dressing rooms provided for changing and secure lockers in the changerooms for your belongings.

Can I take pictures or use my phone?
You can use your phone in the lounge and waiting areas but you’ve got to leave it in the secure lockers. No phones or cameras are permitted in the pool area.

What about COVID and other health precautions?
When you arrive at the venue you will be given a covid rapid test to take along with a mask. You will have to remain masked until your test comes back negative. Then you’ll be given your locker key and you can change into your swimwear.

But I don’t want to take a COVID test or wear a mask. COVID’s over.
That’s not a question–that’s a statement. But anyway, some of the artists making this show come from places where the COVID situation is different than it is here. Some are immune-compromised and some work with extremely vulnerable populations. We invite you r to think about testing and masking in this context as both a gesture of solidarity and as a way of “making space” for difference.

Do I have to get into the water?
No. You can experience the show without getting in the water if you prefer that. But you still need to bring some version of “swimwear”.

The website says tickets are available every half hour–so how long is the show?
The duration of your experience at Theytriarchy will vary. From entry to exit you could spend as little as 45 minutes in the venue–or even less. You may also choose to spend longer than that too.

I have heard that I could be asked to leave the show. What does that mean?
The pool room of the venue is designated as the “trans-majority” space. That means that we (artists, audience and staff) are committed to ensuring there are always more trans and nonbinary people than cis people in that particular area. To maintain that majority, you might be asked to leave that area and move to the lounge. It doesn’t mean you’re being asked to leave the show.

Will the performers touch me or engage with me in other intimate ways?
No one will touch you or do anything physically intimate in close proximity without asking you. Touching another person only proceeds with explicit consent.

Can I use the pool or spa facilities while I’m at the show?
Part of the performance takes place in the pool but the saunas are not available during Theytriarchy.

Is there a place for me to eat or drink?
Eating and drinking is permitted but only in the lounge area. There will be plenty of water to drink! You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks.

partners in crime


Choreography and Production Management: Eroca Nicols. With: Joy Mariama Smith, Mzamo Jama Nondlwana, Monique La Plante, Asad Raza, Neha Spellfish, Eroca Nicols, Paca Faraus. Stage Design: Carmichael Jones, Production: Evan Webber, Public Recordings.


Presented with the support of „Public Recordings.„ Re_Generation receives support from Kunststiftung NRW and from the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media, as part of the Alliance of International Production Houses. In cooperation with Cheers for Fears.