Paca Faraus

dancer and choreographer

Paca Faraus is a dancer and choreographer based in amsterdam (NL). They first study politics at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in lille (FR) before pursuing a carrier in fashion retail in france, canada and finally berlin (DE) where they settle. They develop an intensive dance practice, first mostly in clubs and later at the school Tanzfabirk. in 2018 they enter the choreography bachelor program at the SNDO—school for new dance development in amsterdam. They develop a multidisciplinary practice revolving around the theme of self-reappropriation —sensorial and biographical, individual and collective— which they explore on stage, online, in film or during workshops. Each of their works exposes a possibility for thriving for their minoritarian peers and non-conforms, in particular neurodiverse and/or gender nonconforming.

In 2022 they create “TANA”, a stage piece for five dancers based on a collective pool of survival strategies, as well as the exhibition “Gala Farucci: the first retrospective in the netherlands” for which they invent the life of a fictive transfeminine artist and speculate about an institutional future of stage arts.