06.05. – 28.05.2022

PLACE INTERNATIONALE is a space for artistic, urban and activist practices that link the memory of past uprisings and the imagination of upcoming ones. Stadtlabor accompanies the FFT’s move to KAP1 at Düsseldorf’s main train station and frames the 2021/22 season.


Grenzenlos und unverschämt

Performance, Concert Music & Sound Social/Urban Movements

„What does deep systemic change look like? How can we individually and collectively contribute to this metamorphosis? How can we ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes and patterns of the past?“ asks Emilia Roig in Why we matter (2021). We are in the middle of the metamorphosis. We can’t do it without utopias. Further. We need revolutionary ideals and imaginative visions, unwavering energy and unconditional solidarity. The Paris Commune was an experiment, full of hope and possibilities. Collective, classless, equal, free, international – anti-colonial? That’s the spirit!

The majority Black collective Formation Now** stands for change. For empowerment, change of perspective and social justice. And for artistic formats that do a balancing act between knowledge transfer and entertainment. Freedom, liberty, liberté! Collective remembering as a call to action, to move on. In their works, the group regularly deals with the theme of resistance and remembers people who denounced social grievances throughout their lives and went to the barricades, sometimes artistically, sometimes literally. May Ayim and Fasia Jansen did that. Loud and clear.

As part of Place Internationale, Mable Preach and Formation Now** present a performance that commemorates, among other things, the political activism and artistic work of the lyricist and the musician, who are still important figures of identification for Black artists in Germany today.


Mable Preach ist seit vielen Jahren in der Hamburger Kunstszene präsent – als Regisseurin bzw. Choreografin, als Kuratorin und Netzwerkerin. Sie ist Initiatorin des Festivals und Kollektivs für urbane BIPoC-Jugendkultur Formation Now** und Leiterin des Kultur- und Jugendvereins Lukulule.


PLACE INTERNATIONALE wird gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Bundes von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.