Das Digitale Foyer – Open House

Game, Installation, Performance, Talks Digital Culture

A foyer is a space of encounter and gathering, of seeing and being seen. But it can be so much more! Especially when digital possibilities enter the game. Step into the foyers of two very different theatre houses! Together, we present what we accomplished during a four-year collaboration funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

At the Open House, you can explore the Das digitale Foyer (The digital Foyer) project in the form of an Exit-Game we developed together with the machina eX group. After a ceremonial opening at Deutsche Oper am Rhein, you may try out magical mirrors and other augmented reality projects there. On a short walk to the FFT, the project team will tell you all about surprises and “super fails” that happened during the project.

At the FFT, you can try out the FFT Cubes which turn the Foyer into a playing area and be introduced to the Explorers’ Club for everyone aged 9 or older. The installations </A “Manifesto” of= {every} One.s Own> Swoosh Lieu and In Ghosts We Trust by OutOfTheBox deal with the power and possibilities inherent in artificial intelligence. And we are very happy to, once again, talk to the project participants again: There were more than 250, at least!


Das Digitale Foyer receives funding from the Digital Culture programme of the German Federal Cultural Foundation through the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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