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Via Negativa (VN)

international platform

Via Negativa (VN) is an international platform for research, development and production of contemporary performing arts based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. VN is focused in devising and exploring different performing formats, with an emphasis on ethics and liveness of performance practices, procedures and genres. VN operates as an open creative field, which connects artists who walk on the edge of diverse performing practices, cross their limitations, and reintegrate them into the field of unexpected, unexplored and unconventional performing strategies. Until 2021 VN devised more than 90 projects and numerous workshops. VN projects involved more than 150 performers from Slovenia and abroad, and were presented in 24 European countries and the USA. Since 2012 VN regularly conduct an educational and research program “VN Lab – the Via Negativa laboratory for contemporary performing arts“. VN was founded in 2002 and operates under the artistic direction of theatre director Bojan Jablanovec.