Cooperativa Maura Morales

dance company

In the pieces by the Maura Morales Cooperative, movement and sound form a very special connection. This connection is not only visible and audible, it can almost be felt. Choreography and music enter into a dialog as equal partners. In addition, there is an intimate and expressive language of movement that explores the possibilities and limits of the moving body.

Cooperativa Maura Morales is a contemporary dance company in NRW that has succeeded for many years in consolidating the focus of its artistic work in NRW and at the same time continually expanding its national and international reach.

Depending on the production concept, the core artistic ensemble around choreographer and dancer Maura Morales and composer Michio Woirgardt is expanded to include other artists and dancers. The Cooperativa’s productivity and resonance can be seen in the high national and international touring volume of up to 50 guest performances a year in Tanzania, Brazil, Korea, Lebanon, Panama, the Dominican Republic, La Réunion, Macedonia, Russia and throughout Europe, as well as in numerous invitations for guest choreographies for municipal and state theaters and other ensembles.