as part of NOW REALLY?

07.12. – 09.12.2023

The FFT nourishes longstanding connections to artists in Düsseldorf, in Germany, and throughout the world. But how does a new work enter the repertoire? The west off and Freischwimmen programmes play an important part in this. west off lends support to new groups from North Rhine-Westphalia just starting out on the independent scene. The network provided by Freischwimmen works in a very similar way – on an international level, and it has been doing that for the past 20 years.



Performance Young FFT Theatre & Performance

Theatre group STERNA | PAU, in this performance resplendent with powerful imagery, sets off on a quest to search for the troll. This mythical creature sports many facets. Known from mythology and fairy tale, the internet has become the place to most frequently encounter the troll these days. There, it spouts hate and misinformation, influencing the political climate. STERNA | PAU collate all information they can find on the troll to collect in a digital archive. On stage, the performers, along with the audience, explore this archive full of myths and manipulation. They face the troll in combat by dragging him from anonymity into the limelight.


Performance: Maren Becker, Laura Pföhler, Hannes Siebert. Direction: Jolanda Uhlig, Yasmin Fahbod. Stage: Christopher Dippert. Assistance: Lea Deckers. Music: Maren Becker. Concept and Play Development: Maren Becker, Yasmin Fahbod, Laura Pföhler, Hannes Siebert, Jolanda Uhlig. Creative Technology: Lisa Passing. Production Management: Laura Zielinski. Lighting Technology: Julius Kindermann. Audio Engineering: Jan Leschinski. Mentoring: Arne Vogelgesang.

STERNAPAU is a theatre and performance network from Bochum, Berlin, and Dortmund. The artists produce theatre for youths and adults while constantly trying out new forms of participation during their work – in the development process as well as in performance situations. They also like to work with non-human actors and transfer theatre into digital spaces. At the centre of their work are mainly questions of community, relations of any kind and how these are marked by technology, digitisation, and pop culture. They pursue a clearly feminist agenda.
The core team, consisting of Maren Becker, Laura Pföhler, Yasmin Fahbod, and Jolanda Uhlig, will be expanded with artists from their network according to the demands of their different projects.


Produktion: Sterna | Pau; Co-produktion: FFT
Trolllike, within the framework of Freischwimmen, receives support from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the “Verbindungen fördern (Fostering Connections)” programme by Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste e.V. (Federal Association for the Independent Performing Arts).