as part of Spielarten 2022

25.09. – 30.09.2022

SPIELARTEN Festival will again show the great scope in productions and the range in topics and play forms in independent theatre for a young audience in North Rhine-Westphalia. Classes and families are invited to experience exciting stories, dance, theatre, and new circus for different age groups at the FFT.

A cooperation between theaterkohlenpott Herne and URBANATIX Bochum

Trial & Error

Die Lust am Scheitern (Finding Pleasure in Failure)

Theatre & New Circus Young FFT Theatre & Performance

When young theatre and new circus meet, a passion for trying out things, for failure and for carrying on cannot be far off. Trial & Error describes the way in which young people explore the world: How far can I go? Where is the boundary? And who is setting it? Six performers from the fields of dance, acting, music, and artistry embark on a quest to find the voice that determines the rules of their world, and they find it in an unexpected place. Pole artistry and single wheel encounter acting, music, and urban dancing.


With: Sina Kiekbusch, Svea Kirschmeier, Felix Küpper, Paul Davis Newgate, Oskar Skrypko, Zeynep Topal

Direction and dramaturgy: Frank Hörner and Christian Eggert. Decor: Friederike Külpmann. Musical direction: Sebastian Maier. Composition: Sebastian Maier, Svea Kirschmeier. Choreography: Takao Baba and ensemble. Production organisation: Gabriele Kloke, Carolin Hensel-Leuppelt. Theatre pedagogy: Carina Langanki. Technical direction: Phil Wistinghausen. Production assistant: Emily Leimbach. Sitting in on the production: Jule Gehrmann, Baker Tarchichi, Malin Treckmann.