Kathrin Spaniol and Morgan Nardi

Schönheit (Beauty)

Performance Social/Urban Movements Theatre & Performance

Choreographers Kathrin Spaniol and Morgan Nardi again take us along for a performative walk. Following their successful production “Die Führung” at the Nordpark, the premiere of Schönheit (Beauty) will lead us into the mythical and legendary Aaaper Forest. It becomes the site of post-apocalyptic scenarios and the exploration of the hidden world of mushrooms. Who are we as humans in coexistence with these morbid beauties? We wander to the Frauensteine, eavesdropping on dystopian tales, and encounter an eerie reality – gloomy and fascinating, poetical, and disturbing.

partners in crime


Artistic Direction, Choreography: Kathrin Spaniol and Morgan Nardi. Performance: Finn Leon Cam, Kathrin Spaniol, Morgan Nardi. Digital Art: Pietro Cardarelli. Costuming: Luciano Verzola. Dramaturgy: Robin Junicke. Press: Sven-André Dreyer.


A production by Kathrin Spaniol and Morgan Nardi, co-produced by FFT Düsseldorf. Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Düsseldorf and the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf Kunst- und Kulturstiftung.