Mina Richman

Concert Music & Sound Social/Urban Movements

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Honest. Queer. Self-Determined.

It is a quest for a determination, for a perspective, and for a direction in life that pushes 25-year-old German-Iranian Mina Richman towards music at an early age. Born in Berlin, yet growing up in the small town of Bad Salzuflen, she traverses between worlds as she discovers gems like Joan As Police Woman and Nina Simone in her aunt’s CD collection. Soul and blues, hip-hop culture, and the revolution of the great female singer-songwriters inspire the work on her debut EP “Jaywalker” (2022), for which she subsequently received a popNRW-Preis nomination in the best newcomer category.
“Accidentally” raised to be feminist by her father – as told when interviewed for “Die Zeit” –, she appropriated the famous Cher quote “Mom, I am a rich man” for her stage name. On her debut album, slated to appear in March of 2024, Mina Richman faces coming of age. With an honest outlook, she returns to her childhood and processes quarreling parents, cultural uprooting, and the social as well as personal treatment of her body.