FFT & Kompliz*innen (FFT & Accomplices)

KULTUR-FRÜHSTÜCK (Cultural Breakfast)

Talk Talks & Workshops

Welcome to the FFT Düsseldorf Cultural Breakfast. This free offering is addressed to all those who would like to take a behind-the-scenes peek into independent theatre and want to talk to us about it! Every second Friday in the month, the FFT, the central library and Kulturliste Düsseldorf e.V. invite their audience to an encounter with current topics and new theatre pieces.


During this event, the FFT team will provide insight into the commencing 23/24 season. What plays and performances await the audience? And where do the unexpected insider tips hide? Our co-operation partners – Zentralbibliothek (Central Library) and Kulturliste Düsseldorf e.V. – will also introduce themselves.

We are talking about the theater evening Transitions. In it, everything revolves around freedom. Is freedom a universal value or does our idea of freedom depend on how we live? The artistic team around director Ingo Toben gives insights into the production, which will premiere at the FFT shortly afterwards.

At this cultural breakfast you will get to know the conceptual artist miu, who comes from Japan and lives in Düsseldorf. With his artistic team, he explores for Train Train how people move through the city. In the process, he explores streetcar networks, among other things.

With theater maker and choreographer Milena Cestao, we get to the bottom of the lyrics of pop hits. What makes a hit a hit – an earworm an earworm? That’s what the piece Ay Papi Ay Mami is about. It can be seen as part of the festival west off on Dec. 7 and 8.


In Kooperation mit der Zentralbibliothek und mit der Kulturliste Düsseldorf e.V.