Geert Lovink in dialogue with Annekathrin Kohout

Stuck on the platform

Reclaiming the internet

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Media theorist and net critic Geert Lovink has been watching the development within the digital realm for years, and with growing alarm. He issued an early warning regarding platform capitalism and asked us to delete our Facebook profiles. His analyses show how interaction in social media can foster a special kind of sadness. Despite this, he has not lost his belief in a better net yet. Just recently, his newest book “Stuck on the platform. Reclaiming the internet” (2022) has been published in German. In it, he urges us to develop “our own versions of the techno-social”. In dialogue with media scholar Annekathrin Kohout (“Nerds. Eine Popkulturgeschichte”, “Netzfeminismus. Digitale Bildkulturen”), Geert Lovink will present the German translation of his book for the first time.

Following the dialogue, anyone interested will be invited to attend a public screening: Together, we are going to watch a livestream presenting the “Blackout” performance by internil in the Foyer, intervening on the stage happenings at the Berlin Theaterdiscounter via a chat bot program.


Geert Lovink is a media theorist, internet critic and author of, among other works, “Dark Fiber” (2002), “Zero Comments” (2007), “Social Media Abyss” (2016) and “Sad by Design: On Platform Nihilism” (2019). Lovink is the founding director of the media theory Institute of Network Cultures (INC) based at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, which has been dedicated to the research of the culture in virtual networks as a social phenomenon since 2004. Since 2021, Lovink has also held the chair for arts and network cultures at the University of Amsterdam.

Geert Lovink im Collective Chronicle of Thoughts and Observations, 2017

Annekathrin Kohout is a media scholar and co-publisher of the “Digitale Bildkulturen” book series as well as of the “POP. Kultur und Kritik” magazine as well as a member of the “Journal of Global Pop Cultures“ editorial board. Her book “Nerds. Eine Popkulturgeschichte” was published in 2022. As a guest lecturer, she currently teaches at the Institute for Media, Theatre, and Popular Culture at the University of Hildesheim.


An event in cooperation with Büro The event and the Büro are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and is located at HMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund. The German edition of Geert Lovink’s “Stuck on the platform. Reclaiming the internet” was published by transcript Verlag in August of 2022.

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