Infotainment on war and games in cyberspace

Hybrid theatre Digital Culture Theatre & Performance

BLACKOUT is the threat of darkness: A sudden drop in energy levels, a loss of control. The internil group has conducted research on the way how war is waged with this threat. Three performers play with robots, light, and old washing machines, meanwhile explaining how computer worms reach their designated attack targets, reporting on invisible menaces as well as on individual fears. The theatre performance is based on research and true events, ranging from the “Stuxnet” malware with which the US and Israel supposedly sabotaged Iranian nuclear facilities to cyber-attacks in the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine. This performance will take place live in Berlin. The FFT audience will be invited to watch via livestream – and to intervene on stage happenings via a chat bot program.


Research, performance, composition: Christopher Hotti Böhm, Marina Dessau, Arne Vogelgesang. Lighting and spatial conception: Kollektiv GUT Holz Strahl. Programming: Moritz Berning. Production management: ehrliche arbeit, Olivia Stutz. Production: internil.


The December 2021 premiere received support from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe – Department of Culture. The production resumption in December of 2022 has been granted support by the Fonds Darstellende Künste through the #TakeHeart Restart Fund.