Haus/Doma/Familie (House/Doma/Family)

Performance Music & Sound Theatre & Performance

At last. The house is ready, we can move in! Who really is that, “we”? In the multi-part “Haus/Doma” series, performance collective subbotnik employs the house as a metaphor for social community. That begs the question: Who shall live here, who shall be allowed to live here? Surely not only the classic nuclear family. In their unique mixture of live music, narrative theatre, and spatial performance, Kornelius Heidebrecht, Oleg Zhukov and co. turn all of the audience into roommates. Spaces, ideas, and needs are shared during a tour through the theatre(house), as the boundaries between within and without blur. And in the end, we will all be invited to celebrate new forms of being together.

The FFT opened its 2022/23 season with “Haus/Doma/Lustdorf”, Oleg Zhukov’s memories of a place at the Black Sea coast. “Expect a Tiger” by Nadja Düsterberg and subbotnik, part of the “Haus/Doma” series, received an invitation to Impulse Theater Festival 2023.

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