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Sound-Festival Music & Sound

How does time deploy? How does the future take shape? Those questions also concern listening and hearing, as evidenced by the Recorded Sound Festival for experimental music and electro-acoustic sound art which is in its fourth edition already this year – and for the first time at the FFT’s new foyer.

Ten selected audio productions will be presented, and an expert jury and the audience will award prizes. Musical compositions, soundscapes, and sound collages exploring the relations between sound, body, and space will be made audible as acoustic concepts for the future. Beyond traditional genre boundaries and originating in Kodwo Eshun’s notion of the futurhythmachine, the future will become audible.

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Leitung: Tomy Brautschek, Anna Freytag, Maximilian Haberer, Julian Scheibel. Projektmitarbeit (Studierende): Amelie Hammesfahr, Roberta Immenschuh, Judith Jaskulla, Dona Mahmuti, Emma Petrova, Nina Rädle, Anita Sahiti