do white ex

animated reading in three languages with a Papersound Ensemble

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In collaboration with three dancers, miu has developed a scenic lecture that forms the fifth instalment within his “Ex” series: A landscape of acoustic, literary, and choreographic elements. German, Japanese, and French text fragments enter into a coexistence that explores reading as a human mode of expression. miu invites the audience to a shared journey based on the examination of in_visibility, therein creating a stage language that involves visually impaired people.

The conception of a lecture for an audience with diverse access connects to the production of dance piece do white, which guested at the FFT last year. Fictitious texts resulting from the rehearsal process were retrieved for do white ex now, opening multifarious spaces, layers, and levels. The element of an open, artistically used audio description complements the linguistic landscape. The “Ex” series circles miu’s longstanding pursuit of reading in more than one language and his passion for paper as a medium. Through a composition of intertwining translation and interpretation procedures, miu processes stage performances that reflect his world of perception, enabling the audience to interrogate their own everyday lives.

do white ex lets this multilayered quality arise from the encounter between spoken word, movement, text, choreography, audio description, and lecture. Here, the solar panel powered Papersound Ensemble, rustling paper pages, and the three dancers’ voices meet. miu additionally depicts this multilinguistic reading-out project on paper. The books will be published upon the premiere.


With: Juliette Adrover, Kati Masami Menze, Kristin Schuster. Concept, Text, System Composition, Sound and Direction: miu. Dramaturgy: Judith Ayuso Pereira, Jana Griess. Artistic Assistance: Soya Arakawa, Birk-André Hildebrandt. Counselling Visually Impaired Audience + Audio Description: Sylvie Ebelt, Claudia Hemmis, Linda Wolf. Design: so+ba // Tokyo/Zurich. Production Management: Jacqueline Friedrich. Production Assistance: Akiko Okamoto.


Supported by the Cultural Department of the State Capital of Düsseldorf, the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Diversitätsfonds NRW, NRW KULTURSekretariat, Kunstiftung NRW.