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Meeting for inclusive work approaches

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The FFT Theatre and theatre group Meine Damen und Herren invite you:

We want to meet once a month at the FFT theatre.

During our meeting, we would like to talk with each other and think about the following points together:
We want to think about art.
Where is art made?
Where are the obstacles to making art?
Which people are withheld from making art?
How can many different people easily make art together?

At each meeting, groups in which people with and without disability work together introduce themselves.

Different people can come to the meetings:
People who are artists themselves.
People who are interested in art, who, for example, like watching a theatre play, go to concerts, or watch exhibitions with pictures.

We invite different people to the meeting:
People with disability.
People with chronic illness.
Deaf people.
And people who support people with disability.

After the meeting, the evening will go on with the bar evening at FFT.
There will be drinks at the bar then.
You can chat.
You can relax.
Or you can meet new people if you want.

The FFT and theatre group Meine Damen und Herren would like to issue an invitation for a monthly meeting. Together, we would like to consider art, how art is made, and who can or cannot readily participate in it.

At each meeting, spaces, groups, or projects from North Rhine-Westphalia in which people with and without disability work together artistically introduce themselves. We want to get acquainted and start networking.

The meeting is open to all artists, creatives and art enthusiasts identifying as disabled, chronically ill, deaf and/ or neurodivergent, as well as their supporters.