Hans Unstern


Hans Unstern makes songs, lyrics, musical instruments, performances, and theatre. 2010 saw the release of debut album “Kratz Dich Raus”, produced and arranged by Nackt. The subsequent concerts on theatre stages throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland saw Unstern perform with an additional four to six musicians. In 2012, the lyric volume “Hanky Panky Know How” arrived first, followed later in the year by second album “The Great Hans Unstern Swindle”. Producer Nackt and Unstern worked even more intensively on compositions, arrangements, and sounds for this offering. During the preparations for the concert stagings, the idea was finally implemented to perform the songs on self-constructed stringed instruments. This way, the specific sounds of the prepared studio grand piano and further modified instruments could be transported into the concerts. In collaboration with Simon Bauer, they created six self-constructed harps and an assortment of other stringed instruments that were performed by a five-piece band, presented in 2012-2014. Current album “Diven” came out in 2020.