Annika Tudeer

performer, artistic director

Born in Helsinki in 1964 she founded the international performance and music theater collective Oblivia in 2000 where she is a performer and artistic director. “I started out with the question: is it possible to create ambitious experimental art collectively in a friendly and light atmosphere?” The answer to the question was yes. At the moment Oblivia is investigating how pleasure can be a radical guiding force in the choices we make in our work and in the new Turtle series is looking at human kind’s consequences on earth in a timespan of 4,5 million years. The first performance in the series is premiering at the Münchener Biennale in June 2024. Oblivia creates small and big scaled works for operas, theaters, festivals and venues of several kinds.

Annika graduated from Helsinki University with a MA in literature in 2002 after working as a dancer and choreographer in the 1990’s. As a dance critic she was writing on new trends in dance and performing arts nationally and internationally until 2004.

Annika is the initiator of the platform and studio spaces ESKUS, Performance Center (2008) and Mad House Helsinki (2013), a venue for experimental work in Helsinki. In 2014 she was awarded a 5-year artist grant from the Arts Council Finland. Since then she has been awarded several grants and prizes for her groundbreaking work. She likes cross country skiing, ice bathing and cooking with wild herbs.