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#ReGeneration #PleasureSolidarityHealing

Healing means "living in (the right) relationship"

New performance by Mithu Sanyal

The Düsseldorf cultural scientist and author Mithu Sanyal has been a real celebrity in the city at least since her bestselling novel „Identitti“. You may also already know her from our campaign for the FFT’s move to KAP1. We are connected by a long-standing collaboration and friendship: Before the pandemic, Mithu invited to the magic cooking show at the FFT Kammerspiele. During the lockdown, she created a virtual witch’s kitchen together with artist and philosopher Siegmar Zacharias and streamed from the Kammerspiel stage. Most recently, she mixed a ritual drink with our artistic director Kathrin Tiedemann and Siegmar Zacharias at the opening of the FFT in KAP1.

In May you can see Mithu in action again at the FFT. We are very much looking forward to the premiere of „Hello Good-Bye. A Ritual for Healing the Past and the Future“ as part of our program „Re_Generation“ (12.5.+14.5.).

Introducing the context of this performative ritual, Mithu writes: „As a writer and activist, I’ve spent the last ten years talking and analyzing, and I still love that. But looking back at all the talks and discussions on social and traditional media, I often find that after all the arguments have been exchanged, we are still angry. And I couldn’t help but think of an ex-boyfriend of mine who was convinced that I just didn’t understand him when I kept disagreeing and arguing with him. Sometimes I feel like we’ve all become that ex-boyfriend. So I started looking for other ways to heal.“

Originally, heal meant „(to make) whole again.“ For Mithu Sanyal, healing means „living in (the right) relationship.“ So be there and experiment with Mithu in „Hello Good-Bye“ with techniques a thousand years old and with brand new ones, with research on super-generation healing by Sandra Röseler and with live music by Matti Rouse.

More information about „Re_Generation. Festival for Pleasure, Solidarity & healing“ can be found here.