Theater an der Ruhr + Glossy Pain


Theater Young FFT Theatre & Performance
Marie and Margret are best friends. They share a flat and their lives, too, even when Franz Woyzeck, their neighbour, joins and falls in love with Marie. Marie and Woyzeck: That is a love that brings together two very different people, until it starts shifting, imperceptibly at first, before ending in savage violence. Marie, Margret, and Woyzeck – the story of interweaving relationships that take our concepts of love, friendship, and care into question.

This Woyzeck transference focuses on the everyday lives and environment of young people, thereby asking the questions that were already inherent in Büchner’s work: What turns men into perpetrators? What are the relationship ideas we live by? Is alanguage other than that of violence possible?

A young team around director Katharina Stoll, of Berlin theatre collective Glossy Pain, reinvents the classic with a perspective on the female characters – in strong pictures, musically, playfully.


Marie: Amanda Babaei Vieira. Margret: Riah Knight. Franz: Joshua Zilinske. Direction: Katharina Stoll. Music/Composition/Sound Design: Hannes Gwisdek. Music/Composition: Riah Knight. Video: Sebastian Pircher. Stage and Costume: Wicke Naujoks. Costumes: Heinke Stork. Props: Bekim Aliji. Dramaturgy: Constannze Fröhlich. Assistant Direction: Wisam Atfah. Assistant Direction: Julia Boxheimer. Performance Stage Management and Supertitles: Hannah Köhler and Lara Marquardt. Guest Student: Ines Thöle.


Supported by the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, in cooperation with FFT Düsseldorf.

Our gratitude goes out to Natascha Knieriem with Ijsbel and Zoo Zajac for their kind permission and support of the filming.