as part of Peer to Peer

01.09. – 02.09.2023

Nature and technology are often considered to be opposites. Their actual relationship turns out to be much more complex. Together with, we inaugurate the Peer to Peer event series. The entanglements between landscape and technology, urban planning and nature, the effects of digitisation and the relations between the human and other species will be negotiated in performances, installations, workshops, and talks. The series will move on afterwards, providing insight into North Rhine-Westphalia’s diverse media art landscape in Cologne, Havixbeck near Münster, and Essen.

Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani

The Alchemy of Clouds

Art, Activism and Splitting Communities

Installation Digital Culture Social/Urban Movements

For the project, the artist duo of Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani staged an artistic experiment on the grounds of Floating University Berlin in the rainwater reservoir of the decommissioned Tempelhof Airport. This involves a planning game that imagines a speculative scenario in which a glowing cloud floating over a village triggers ominous social division.

In the field of tension between terrestrial and extraterrestrial utopias and dystopias, the video work raises questions we face with regard to climate change: how should we deal with extreme weather events? Do we want to limit our perception to seeing in them only random natural phenomena? Or should we see them as occasion for immediate action? How can the division of society be overcome and how can we generate new models of coexistence for the future? The scenario can be relived on the first P2P weekend in a 6-channel video installation.