as part of Peer to Peer

01.09. – 02.09.2023

Nature and technology are often considered to be opposites. Their actual relationship turns out to be much more complex. Together with, we inaugurate the Peer to Peer event series. The entanglements between landscape and technology, urban planning and nature, the effects of digitisation and the relations between the human and other species will be negotiated in performances, installations, workshops, and talks. The series will move on afterwards, providing insight into North Rhine-Westphalia’s diverse media art landscape in Cologne, Havixbeck near Münster, and Essen.

Daphne Dragona

Technologies and Artefacts of Planetary Care

: From the Programming of Progress to embracing Degrowth

Vortrag Talks & Workshops Social/Urban Movements

As we are already experiencing the consequences of environmental catastrophe, we are called upon to consider technology-based solutions. Can today’s anthropogenic climate be restored to its preindustrial levels? Can the planet be reprogrammed and what would that mean? What does planetary care really lie upon, and which technologies, infrastructures and artefacts are we in need of? The lecture of curator and author Daphne Dragona addresses these questions through critical approaches found in contemporary artistic and curatorial practices. It also focuses on initiatives and alternatives driven from the logic of degrowth and, hence, refers to the environmental commons, as well as to low tech and local knowledge.