Stefan Schneider, Susanne Gartmayer, Sam Prekop, John McEntire


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Musician and photo artist Stefan Schneider, founding member of bands Kreidler and to rococo rot, established the TAL label in 2016. It does not only issue music. TAL is a platform for live formats, for musical participation and cooperation. The TAL label evening at the FFT foyer gathers well-known electronica and avantgarde scene musicians for a unique event. Apart from Stefan Schneider, Susanne Gartmayer as well as Sam Prekop & John McEntire from Chicago will join this energetic get-together.


7.15 pm
SO SNER (Vienna/Düsseldorf)
Susanna Gartmayer: Bass Clarinet / Stefan Schneider: Electronics

SO SNER create an open sound equally indebted to experiment as well as to tradition, with traces leading back into early 80’s UK. Back then, the restructuring of jazz and electronica, avantgarde and polyrhythm, aided by experiment and multilayered musicality, created manifold sketches of possible musics that are only now finally being coloured in.

8 pm
Sam Prekop & John McEntire (Chicago)

Sam Prekop and John McEntire, members of The Sea And Cake, are central protagonists on the Chicago music scene which has been setting up completely new sound drafts between jazz, instrumental music, and electronica since the early 90s. Over the last few years, they have been creating, with modular synthesisers and self-constructed electronic drums, a very idiosyncratic electronic music in which repetition and melody are the characteristic elements.


TAL is an internationally active music label based in Düsseldorf, established by Stefan Schneider in 2016. The label aims to distribute current music by sound carrier medium as well as through public live formats. The latter ones intend to shape temporary spaces where people meet over music to exchange on it. It is about mutual interest and forms of participation and cooperation.