Soundcinema Düsseldorf 2023


Sound-Festival Music & Sound Social/Urban Movements

The fifth edition of the Recorded Sound Festival creates a sensual experience for the concept of “Hauntology”. The term describes the theory of the unheard and the ghostlike. Among its founders are French philosopher Jacques Derrida and British cultural scholar Mark Fisher – and it will be converted to music under the motto “Spectralities” for this evening.

Ten artists from the experimental music field and electro-acoustic sound art will introduce their pieces at the Soundcinema: Contemporary musical productions that deal with acoustic revenants. The tracks will be presented in both multi-channel and stereo formats. The audience will be invited to listen in a stage setting that is completely devoid of any visual stimulus – to focus the sense to hearing only. Afterwards, the artists will face the judgment of the audience and an expert jury.