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Roxopolis – that sounds like an unreal megacity in a futuristic novel. Not that improbable, as the Essen-based trio proves on their current album The Storms Carry Me Home. In their songs, they examine world affairs, both from a personal as well as from a global perspective.

In analogy, synthetic sounds with dimed speakers shoot through the urban indie rock city, out into a landscape blooming with organic groove which now acts as distinctly slower foil to the modern sounds. Most of all, lyrical depths permeates the album like a deep red thread. Melting icebergs, polluted beaches, and the struggle within are only symbolic placeholders for the long-smoldering problematic flashpoints of modern society – that emerge to the fore, ever more urgently. Despite the relentless gaze into the abyss that intensifies throughout the album, the individual tracks aim to find peace within the self, to find new hope in stormy times.