La Fleur

Les chercheurs

Performance Music & Sound Theatre & Performance

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Se chercher essentially means muddling through, wanting to make one’s fortune against all odds. Ivorian dancer Ordinateur – also known as Magic Feet – gathers young dancers who he is friends with and who have come to Europe from various African countries. They dare to seek a new beginning in cities such as Paris or Barcelona, struggling with risk and unforeseen situations. They were legends of urban dance in their countries of origin and throughout the African continent. In Europe, they need to carefully balance their contacts within the African diaspora with the entry into the European dance scene. Migration policies, racism, and ignorance towards African dance styles – their path is paved with obstacles. Les Chercheurs approaches all these topics with high-level choreographies and texts on clever strategies and a display of courage for a new beginning.


partners in crime


Concept and Direction: Monika Gintersdorfer, Ordinateur (Pohe Cedric Kevin Bah). Participants: Alaingo Lamama, Annick Choco, Barro Dancer, Joël Tenda, Mason Manning, Timor Litzenberger, Ordinateur, Zota Puissance Z. Costumes: Bobwear. Film: Eric Tagbo.


La Fleur in coproduction with Points communs nouvelle scène Cergy-Pontoise/ Val d’Oise.