Daughters of the future

Performance Young FFT Theatre & Performance

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This evening is dedicated to the daughters of the future. Artists’ collective waltraud900, together with young performers, develops an overwriting re-imagining of the tragedy “Iphigenia in Aulis”, in which King Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter Iphigenia to bring thousands of ships and warriors to Troy. She does not resist but rather welcomes her own death. Is she a heroine? What are the sacrifices the daughters of the future are prepared to make, and what are those they will not be available for any longer? A choir of daughters rises its voice. The character of Iphigenia becomes a representative for a young generation that looks ahead undaunted.


waltraud900 is an international artists’ collective based in Düsseldorf which has been continuously working on interdisciplinary and multilingual collaboration since 2012. In their works, the artists are dedicated to contemporary questions for identity and social affiliation from a feminist perspective.

Concept and Idea: waltraud900. On Stage: Havin Altiner, Sadeen Atiyyat, Layan Baker, Aylin Çelik, Sera Demiral, Oleksandra Dolobovska, Nora Gliemann, Anahit Grigorian, Ghazal Hambaroush, Lian Heüveldop, Luca Imamoglu, Antonia Kopach, Anouk Aimée Küster, Lia Laubeck, Laila Rascón Motta, Samuel Murdo Macnab, Tuana Nar, Holali Oumata, Anastasia Rodana, Juliette Serrié. Direction: Bianca Künzel and Nazli Saremi. Choreography: Phaedra Pisimisi. Stage Decor: Ria Papadopoulou. Music and Spoken Word: Aylin Çelik. Music and Percussion: Juliette Serrié. Dramaturgy: Dorle Trachternach. Production Management: Katrin Wiesemann. Assistant Direction: Hannah Boecker. Trainee Direction/Social Media: Nemo Hansen


Production: waltraud900, Coproduction: FFT Düsseldorf. Funded by the Centre for Civic Education of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, and the North Rhine-Westphalia State Office for the Independent Performing Arts. One of the rehearsal spaces is the Lernort Studio Düsseldorf (Learning Space Studio Düsseldorf), as a cooperating partner, under the direction of Bianca Künzel and Nazli Saremi.