Rotterdam Presenta + Bilal Ahmad

Baustellengespräch #5

Living Drawings

Gespräch Talks & Workshops Social/Urban Movements

The interdisciplinary performance art platform Rotterdam Presenta is hard at work turning a former car workshop into a temporary rehearsal space. With the help of collaborators and experts, the inhabitants have projected themselves and their needs into their unruly surroundings, reflected on its barriers and formed approaches towards its maintenance. Most recently, they have been joined by co-inhabitants in the form of plants. Meanwhile, new spatial constructions are being built, ideas being cooked, connections being formed. This has created a need: How can these constructions be communicated? How can ideas turn into plans? How can designing and constructing spaces be turned into something tangible, like a recipe? Is there an architectural language that can be used or invented?

Rotterdam Presenta again needs help! For the next construction site talk, the group will be joined by collaborator and architect Bilal Ahmad to explore architectural languages as process and practice. He will discuss drawing strategies and techniques to communicate architectural ideas and constructions, explore how building stories can be thought of and narrated without losing sight of their constructors; all in an effort to build a toolkit for The Studio to think and reflect with.

At 5 pm, a public construction site talk will take place where we discuss modes and languages of representation spanning technical planning techniques to ethnographic approaches.