All about love

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Amid crises and a daily pressure to perform, there is a little island haven: Love. Here, you can be wholly yourself. It is a small, invisible place, sometimes meaning the world. And it belongs to you. To you, and of course to Bollywood, Netflix, Instagram, Valentine’s Day… Because nobody is free of the love ideals from films, books, and music. Together with a group of young performers, the Elbers/Zhukov duo deals with the claim that emotions and commerce become increasingly intertwined. They reenact films on stage and dance romantic duets. They create awareness for the division of roles actually perpetuated within them. Can we save the power of love from consumerism? And which ideas of love can we rethink anew?


Concept, choreography, direction: Stefanie Elbers, Oleg Zhukov. Performers: Pina Wagner, Frieda Küppers, Merlin Waller, Ecenaz Ökmen, Marlena Treis, Carlotta Kramer, Linda König, Fynn Gregorius, Addy Nascente, Andrei Vinnik, Nhu Y Pham, Alina Dittmann, Elias, Regina Betcher. Music: Kornelius Heidebrecht, Kolja Heidebrecht, Andrei Vinnik and Hugo von Chamier. Stage and costume: Dilara Göksugür. Project assistance: Theo Gatzka. Project management: Lisa Hinz.


Cultural Department of the State Capital of Düsseldorf as well as the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. “Take-off: Junger Tanz” is a cooperation of Düsseldorf culture, education, and social institutions under the general direction of tanzhaus nrw.