She She Pop

performance collective

She She Pop is a performance collective that was founded at the Gießen Institute for Applied Theatre Sciences in the Nineties. Its members are Sebastian Bark, Johanna Freiburg, Fanni Halmburger, Lisa Lucassen, Mieke Matzke, Ilia Papatheodorou, Berit Stumpf, and Elke Weber. The group members are mostly women, and they work collectively. The performers perceive themselves to be authors, dramaturges, and executives of their stage activities. The inclusion of their own autobiographies is, therefore, meant mostly as a method, not as a means unto itself. This engenders a theatre form that is dedicated to experimentation. The stage is always a space of acute publicity. On it, decisions are taken, modes of speaking and social systems put on trial, gestures of speaking and social rituals practiced or discarded. She She Pop view their task in a quest for the social boundaries of communication – and in an artful trespassing of the same within the safe confines of the theatre. The theatre becomes a space for utopian communication. The audience, too, regularly receives a specific ascription and a particular function: All of She She Pop’s works are, in their own way, experiments or arguments, invalid without testimony.

She She Pop have been based in Berlin since 1998 and celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2018. The HAU Hebbel am Ufer theatre has been their constant coproducer and cooperating partner in Berlin since 2003.