half past selber schuld

Artist duo

half past selbst schuld lives in Düsseldorf and consists of Ilanit Magarshak-Riegg and Sir ladybug beetle. The German-Israeli duo is widely regarded as the inventors of the stage comic. Since 1998, the two have been producing musical comics for theater, radio plays for radio, music, short films and, during the Corona Pandemic, a book. In addition to numerous awards and grants, the duo won the TV show „RTL Puppenstars“ in 2016.

Both artists* are involved in all aspects of their productions. They write, compose, make music, direct, work as actors and puppeteers and on the stage design. They cooperate with outstanding artists. Their stage language is characterized by comic-like visualization, pointed, satirical texts, self-composed music as a supporting element and precision in artistic execution. half past selber schuld presents with each show its own stage cosmos. With elements such as puppetry, black theater, animation, short film, shadow play and projection, fictional worlds are created in an aesthetic that is refined down to the last detail.

The Düsseldorf cult formation stands for good entertainment, social criticism and laughter that gets stuck in your throat.