The EMANZENEXPRESS project began in 2019 with a two-month (performative) exhibition realized by the curator Eva Busch and the performance artist and author Julia Nitschke in the atelier automatique in Bochum. Through discussions and encounters, intensive research in women’s archives and collaborations with other artists, a negotiation space for resistant and feminist stories of Bochum from the 80s and 90s emerged. The idea is: we still have to reinvent ourselves, but we don’t have to start from scratch. What started in 2019 is now traveling to other places where we will ask together with visitors: What is happening here in terms of feminist history work? How can we continue to learn from what was once tested as practices of resistance? Who do we want to meet each other as? And what temporary monuments can we erect with our gathering? The EMANZENEXPRESS is originally a magazine that was once published by the Autonome FrauenLesben Referat of the Ruhr University.