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A novel by Miranda July

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Kitty, John, Rose, and Freya start a book club. Miranda July’s cult novel “The First Bad Man”, of all things, becomes the first book in their reading circle. The four long to end their loneliness, they finally want to get out again together, and they take on the novel, which the Financial Times called “an elegant portrait of loneliness… genuinely affecting.”

Every evening, from Tuesday until Saturday, they take a dive into the absurd, funny, brutal, and tender stories and characters in Miranda July’s masterful work about impossible love and motherhood. Join us and become a member of this book club!

Renowned Pan Pan Theatre from Dublin invites its audience to a special and immersive theatre experience. Four actors and actresses fight against isolation, with and within July’s characters, in a bitter and comical way.

partners in crime


In Kooperation mit der Stadtbüchereien Düsseldorf und dem Literaturbüro NRW.

Erschaffen von Mish Grigor und Gavin Quinn mit Luka Costello, Sonya Kelly, Dylan Tighe, Grace Morgan, Si Schroeder, Katherine O’Malley und Aedín Cosgrove. Regisseur: Gavin Quinn. Designer: Aedín Cosgrove. Darsteller: Andrew Bennett, Luka Costello, Genevieve Giuffre und Grace Morgan. Musik: Simon Kenny. Produzentin: Gwen Van Spijk. Bewegungsregie: Katherine O’Malley. Produktionsleiter: Rob Usher. Bühnenmanagerin: Clare Howe. Regieassistentin: Grace Morgan


Pan Pan is fundes by Arts Council, Dublin City Council and Culture Ireland.