Siegmar Zacharias


Siegmar Zacharias works in theory and practice of performance. She develops performances and formats of artistic research in her works. Performance is her medium of ecological, posthuman, artistic and political practice, in which uncontrollable materials such as smoke, slime or the nervous system emerge as collaborative partners. Most currently, she produced works like “Drooling Lecture Series”, “Slime Dynamics”, “The Cloud: a cosmo-choreography made by animals, vegetables, minerals, humans, concepts and emotions.”, “Dirty thinking; invasive hospitality”, “THE OTHER THING”. She received a TECHNE scholarship for excellency and innovative research in 2018 to support the pursuit of her proposed doctoral thesis on a form of feminist posthuman poet(h)ics. She teaches at the Folkwang University of the Arts and at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Siegmar Zacharias lives in Berlin.

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